Frequently Asked Questions



Who creates the products?

The owner, Robin Brown, is the sole owner and creator of the products available for purchase. ShadeBLOCKERS and ShadeyShadows are custom blended hand-pressed vegan pigments. Please note that any products infused with glitter are not vegan.

How do you come up with the cost of each product?

I am my own manufacturer, therefore; prices reflect the cost of supplies, packaging, labor and shipping.

Would you consider your brand to be high-end or low-end?

I would consider Shadey Lady Cosmetics a mid-end brand because you get unique customized products that are not only quality but made from the heart at a reasonable price.

Do you plan to launch any new items?

The level of innovation within the beauty community has reached an all time peak, however this can be a good and a bad thing. Lately I feel as though brands push new products just to get the consumer to buy instead of looking out for their best interest. I refuse to sell an item that I do not fall in love with myself. With that being said, Shadey Lady Cosmetics is always working on new concepts that consumers will fall in love with. The goal is to make each product personal to the consumer and if we have not done that, our job is incomplete.

How old are you and when did you launch Shadey Lady Cosmetics?

I, Robin Brown, am 23 years old and I launched Shadey Lady Cosmetics on March 3rd, 2018.

Will you be opening any store locations?

As of right now, Shadey Lady Cosmetics is an e-commerce online store. I do not know what the future hold, but I will choose whichever is more convenient for not only me but the consumer as well.